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Transform your horse breeding experience with Jeffers Equine's premium selection of breeding supplies. Our range is meticulously crafted for optimal reproductive health, ensuring comfort and success during this crucial season.

Why You Need This:

  • Empower breeding success
  • Address common equine reproductive challenges
  • Enhance overall reproductive health
  • Ensure comfort for your valued horses
  • Expert guidance for tailored solutions


Addressing Common Challenges:

  • Foaling Concerns: Jeffers Equine offers Foal Colostrum Oral Gel and Foal Response to support newborns, ensuring a healthy start.
  • Reproductive Health Maintenance: Our selection includes Rx Lutalyse Sterile Solution and Rx Regu-Mate, addressing hormonal imbalances and aiding in reproductive management.

Optimal Reproductive Care:

Comfort and Restraint:

  • Safe Traction: Black Chain Horse Hobbles provide gentle traction, ensuring safety during exams.
  • Hand Protection: OB Gloves safeguard hands during breeding or foaling.


Q: How can Jeffers Equine assist with foaling concerns?
A: Our Foal Colostrum Oral Gel and Foal Response products support newborns, ensuring a healthy start.

Q: Are there solutions for hormonal imbalances in breeding?
A: Yes, Jeffers Equine provides Rx Lutalyse Sterile Solution and Rx Regu-Mate to address hormonal imbalances and aid in reproductive management.

Q: How do Jeffers supplies ensure safe breeding examinations?
A: Products like Shoulder-Length O.B. Gloves and Equine A.I. Flex Tip Infusion Pipettes ensure safe and comfortable examinations.

Q: Are the products safe for all horse breeds?
A: Yes, our supplies are suitable for various horse breeds, ensuring comprehensive reproductive care.

Q: Can I trust the quality of Jeffers Equine products?
A: Absolutely, our supplies are crafted with the utmost care from durable, skin-safe materials, prioritizing the well-being of your horses.