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Milk Replacers & Colostrum for Baby Goats


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Explore the Best in Goat Kid Nutrition with Jeffers Pet's Milk Replacers and Colostrum. Our carefully curated selection is designed to provide optimal nourishment for newborn goats. Choose from top-quality brands like Manna Pro and Sav-A-Kid, ensuring your young goats receive a balanced diet that closely resembles natural goat milk. Each product is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, supporting healthy growth and development.

Our colostrum supplements are a must-have for every goat owner. They are packed with necessary antibodies, offering a vital immunity boost for newborns in their first crucial days. This range is perfect for hand-rearing kids, supplementing nursing goats, or as a nutritional backup for multiple births.

Jeffers Pet is committed to the health and well-being of your goat kids. We offer competitive prices and expert advice, making it easy to find the right milk replacer or colostrum for your herd. Trust us to provide the best nutrition solutions for your baby goats, ensuring they grow strong and healthy. Visit our website today to browse our extensive selection and give your goat kids the nutritious start they deserve.