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Healthy goats mean happy goats, and that means keeping pesky parasites at bay. Jeffers Pet is your one-stop shop for a diverse range of goat dewormers, ensuring your furry friends stay lively and productive.

Target the Troublemakers: We offer a variety of dewormers to tackle different types of internal parasites, from broad-spectrum options like Valbazen to targeted solutions like Safe-Guard. Whether you're dealing with roundworms, tapeworms, or lungworms, we have the right weapon in your arsenal.

Convenience is Key: Choose from a range of delivery methods to suit your needs. Drenches like Safe-Guard Suspension are fast and effective, while pelleted options like Positive Pellet offer a fuss-free approach. We even have pour-on applicators like Dectomax for added ease.

Quality You Can Trust: We know your goats are family, so we only carry top-quality dewormers from trusted brands like Merck and Zoetis. These products are formulated for optimal efficacy and safety, giving you peace of mind.

Beyond Deworming: Maintaining good goat health goes beyond just fighting parasites. We also offer a range of supportive products like drencher syringes and nutritional supplements to keep your goats in peak condition.