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Trailering & Travel Supplies

Prepare for seamless travel experiences with Jeffers' comprehensive selection of trailering and travel supplies. Whether you're hitting the road for a competition or embarking on a leisurely trail ride, our range of products ensures your equine companion's comfort and safety throughout the journey.

Benefits of Trailering & Travel Supplies

Enhanced Safety: Ensure your horse's safety during transit with secure and reliable trailer ties and head bumpers, providing peace of mind throughout the journey.

Convenience and Organization: Simplify your travel preparations and keep your gear neatly organized with our range of storage bags, making it easier to access essentials on the go.

Comfort for Your Horse: Prioritize your horse's comfort with products designed to minimize discomfort and provide a stress-free travel experience, allowing them to arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to perform.

Enhance your farm and ranch operations further with our extensive selection of roping supplies and farm & ranch buckets. Whether you're tackling daily chores or preparing for competitions, Jeffers has you covered with top-quality products designed to streamline your tasks and elevate your efficiency.

Upgrade your farm and ranch travel experience today with Jeffers' trailering & travel supplies. Explore our selection now and embark on your next journey with confidence and peace of mind.


Q: How do I choose the right trailer tie for my horse?
A: Consider factors such as length, material, and attachment mechanism, ensuring a secure fit tailored to your horse's size and behavior.

Q: What are the benefits of using a head bumper during travel?
A: Head bumpers provide essential protection against accidental bumps and injuries, safeguarding your horse's delicate head area during loading, unloading, and travel.

Q: Can window screens be used in all types of trailers?
A: Yes, our window screens are designed to be versatile and adaptable, fitting a variety of trailer styles and sizes to enhance airflow and ventilation.