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Livestock Identification & Ear Tag Supplies


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Elevate your livestock management with Jeffers Pet's Livestock Identification & Ear Tag Supplies. Proper identification is crucial for health monitoring, breeding programs, and regulatory compliance. Our ear tags provide a reliable and convenient way to track individual animals, ensuring quick and accurate identification for efficient management.

Why Ear Tags Matter:

Health Monitoring: Easily track and monitor the health of each animal, ensuring timely care and intervention.
Breeding Programs: Facilitate efficient breeding programs by accurately identifying animals in heat, optimizing reproductive processes.
Regulatory Compliance: Meet regulatory requirements with clear and visible identification, essential for traceability and compliance.

Benefits at a Glance:

Ensure Quick and Accurate Identification: Our identification solutions deliver swift and precise identification, allowing for efficient tracking and management of your livestock.

Enhance Livestock Management Efficiency: Experience improved efficiency with our reliable ear tags and identification tools, designed for ease of use in managing your livestock.

Improve Tracking and Record-Keeping: Streamline organizational processes by utilizing our identification supplies to enhance tracking and maintain accurate records of your livestock.

Promote Animal Health and Welfare: Prioritize the health and welfare of your animals by incorporating our identification solutions, contributing to a secure and well-monitored environment.

Simplify Organizational Processes: Jeffers Pet's Livestock Identification & Ear Tag Supplies are tailored to simplify your organizational processes, making farm and ranch management more efficient.

Investing in your herd's health and well-being starts with proper identification and care. Visit Jeffers Pet today and discover our comprehensive range of Livestock Identification & Ear Tag Supplies, Livestock Medical Supplies, and Livestock Wound Care Supplies – everything you need to keep your animals happy and healthy!


Q: Why is livestock identification important?
A: Ensures streamlined health monitoring and regulatory compliance.

Q: What are the benefits of using ear tags?
A: Simplifies livestock management, aiding in sorting and record-keeping.

Q: What role do marking tools play in livestock management?
A: Enhance your tagging process with tools like ear tag removers and Ketchum roll-on tattoo ink.