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Heated Dog Supplies


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Browse heated products and supplies for dogs such as water bowls, self warming beds and more!

As winter's chill sets in, pamper your pup with cozy warmth from Jeffers Pet's diverse selection of heated dog supplies. No more shivering by the door or icy noses burrowing into cold beds. We offer a haven of comfort, whether it's a self-warming bed for snuggles by the fireplace or a heated water bowl quenching thirst without a chill.

Spoil your furry friend with options like comfy, thermostatically controlled pads for crates or kennels, ensuring a toasty retreat even outdoors. Explore sleek, wearable jackets that trap in precious body heat, perfect for brisk walks or chilly car rides. For adventurous spirits, discover innovative dog coats with built-in pockets for disposable heat packs, offering on-the-go warmth wherever the trail leads.

Let Jeffers Pet take the bite out of winter for your beloved dog. Browse our extensive collection of safe, reliable, and energy-efficient heated products today. Create a winter wonderland of warmth and comfort where your furry friend can thrive, tail wags guaranteed.