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Dog Grooming Supplies


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Dog Grooming Supplies

In order to keep your furry friend happy and healthy, pet owners must regularly groom their dogs. Luckily, Jeffers Pet offers tons of high-quality dog grooming supplies including clippers and blades, bathing accessories, combs and brushes, drying equipment , nail care products, shampoos & conditioners , and items for dematting and deshedding.

Set up a comprehensive grooming kit for your pooch with premium tools and formulas sold at Jeffers Pet. Make caring for your dog between grooming appointments easy with affordable cleansing products you can use at home. Remove loose hair and dry, flaky skin by massaging your pup’s skin with rubber teeth groomers like the Kong ZoomGroom. This bathing tool helps to remove parasites, loose hair, and foreign bodies from your pet’s fur. Shop bathing tools and refillable pet spray bottles to simplify the washing process.

To manage your dog’s hair length, consider styling and trimming tools available at Jeffers Pet. We offer cost-effective, no-frills trimmers like the Wahl Pocket Pro Compact Trimmer that’s useful for a quick trim. You can also find more high-grade advanced clippers that include expanded features like extra speeds and anti-slip housing. Jeffers Pet also stocks various types of grooming brushes, including the Equigroomer for standard upkeep of your fluffy friend’s coat. Many of these brushes help to contain shedding and remove matted and dead hair.

Expand your at-home grooming kit with products for nail and pad care. Keep your pup's paws healthy with conditioning natural balms like Espree Natural Paw Balm. Jeffers also has nail safety powders that stop bleeding after nail clipping mishaps.

Maintain your dog’s gorgeous fur with a variety of shampoos and conditioners that are made with high-quality ingredients like essential oils to thoroughly clean skin and provide therapeutic cleanses. Purchase premium pet hair dryers with heavy-duty power to dry your pooch’s fur in no time.

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