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Dog Treats

Your dog deserves the best dog treats that also serve a happy and healthy purpose. At Jeffers, we offer a variety of dog treats to help your dog achieve their best lifestyle including low-calorie treats, rawhide-free treats, grain-free treats, single-ingredient treats, all-natural treats, bully sticks and so much more. Treats are more than just a reward for your pup. Treats can help sustain your dog's health and also assist in training your dog with a good reward. Using training treats to encourage behavior through food is a great alternative to other, more strict methods of dog training.

Why use dog treats?

Dog treats can be a great reward system for your pup, but they can also serve a specific purpose such as assisting in a health-regimen or treating a behavioral symptom. For example, dog chews can help alleviate nervousness and may release stress through the act of chewing. There are also dental treats for dogs that can assist with maintaining a healthy mouth in dogs. With so many benefits to giving your dog treats and the fact that most dog treats have a long shelf-life, it can be prudent both for the dog-owner and the dog to buy in bulk. There is also typically a price advantage to bulk buying dog treats.

Should I buy or make my own dog treats?

It depends on your dog's needs. Some people prefer homemade dog treats because they can control what goes into the treat. While that is an option for some, there are many dog owners out there that do not have the skills - or the time - do make homemade dog treats. A great alternative to making your own dog treats with a recipe is to look for ingredients that fit your dog's needs and align with their dietary necessities.

Autoship Dog Treats

A great way to save time and money while also ensuring you always have enough treats on hand is to set-up an Autoship order for dog treats at Jeffers. Simply click on the "Start Autoship" button on the dog treats of your choice. You can choose the quantity and frequency of your autoship order. After checkout, your Autoship dog treats from Jeffers will continue unless or until you choose to pause or adjust the cadence. It's a great way to save a lot of time and money on dog treats!

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