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Cattle Weighing & Measuring Supplies

Accurate cattle monitoring is crucial for optimal health, performance, and profitability. Jeffers Livestock offers a comprehensive selection of high-performance weighing scales and specialized measuring tools designed to elevate your livestock management practices.

Why You Need Cattle Weighing & Measuring Supplies:

  • Precision Management: Accurately track weight and measurements for informed decision-making and superior health management.
  • Optimal Health: Identify potential health issues early through consistent weight monitoring and specialized measurements.
  • Performance Tracking: Monitor growth and development to optimize feeding regimens and breeding strategies.
  • Increased Efficiency: Save time and effort with user-friendly tools that provide quick and reliable results.

Browse our comprehensive selection of Cattle Weighing & Measuring Supplies today and discover the difference precision can make in your livestock management practices. With Jeffers Livestock by your side, you can ensure the health, performance, and overall well-being of your valuable herd.


Q: How does accurate weighing benefit my cattle?

A: Accurate weighing allows for precise health monitoring, aiding in optimal nutrition and care.
Q: Why use specialized measuring tools like Scrotal Tape?

A: Tools like Scrotal Tape provide essential measurements for reproductive health, aiding in breeding management.
Q: Can these tools be used for different cattle breeds?

A: Yes, our diverse selection caters to various breeds, ensuring suitability for different livestock.
Q: How often should I weigh my cattle for optimal management?

A: Regular weighing helps track growth and health changes; a routine of every few weeks is recommended.
Q: What benefits do weighing scales with indicators offer?

A: Indicators like EziWeigh7i provide real-time data, enabling immediate decisions for cattle care and management.