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Cattle Trailering Supplies

Jeffers Pet's Trailering Accessories are a collection of premium solutions crafted to enhance the safety, comfort, and efficiency of transporting your cattle. Whether you're headed to a show, a veterinary appointment, or a new pasture, our accessories are designed to meet your unique trailering needs.

Why You Need Cattle Trailering Supplies:

  • Secure Transport: Our ties and trailer aids guarantee your cattle's security during transit.
  • Efficient Organization: Maximize space with our grooming organizer, making grooming on the road a breeze.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Retractable safety cones offer increased visibility, ensuring a safer trailer environment.
  • Quick Tire Changes: Trailer-Aid simplifies tire changes, saving you time and effort.

Varieties to Suit Your Needs:

Our Cattle Trailering Supplies come in various styles and designs, catering to different preferences and requirements. Whether you need flexible ties, efficient organizers, or safety essentials, we have the right solution for you.


Q: How do bungee cross ties benefit my cattle during transport?

A: Bungee cross ties provide flexibility, ensuring your cattle's comfort, while securing them during transit.
Q: What makes the trailer grooming organizer essential for cattle owners?

A: Efficient organization allows for easy access to grooming tools, making on-the-go grooming hassle-free.
Q: Why choose retractable safety cones for my cattle trailer?

A: Retractable cones enhance visibility, ensuring a safer environment for both cattle and handlers.
Q: Can Trailer-Aid be easily used for all trailer types?

A: Trailer-Aid is designed for universal use, making tire changes quick and straightforward.
Q: How do these accessories contribute to stress-free trailering?

A: Our supplies prioritize comfort, security, and efficiency, ensuring a stress-free trailering experience for both cattle and handlers.