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Cat Carriers, Crates & Accessories

Ensure a stress-free adventure for your cat, every step of the way. Jeffers Pet presents a comprehensive collection of cat carriers, crates, and accessories designed to prioritize your pet's comfort, safety, and well-being. Whether you're embarking on a veterinary visit, a weekend getaway, or simply creating a cozy haven at home, our diverse selection caters to every feline explorer's needs.

Why Choose Cat Carriers, Crates & Accessories:

Comfortable Travel: Provide your cat with a cozy and secure space during car rides, vet visits, and other outings, ensuring a comfortable travel experience for both you and your pet.
Safe Containment: Keep your cat safe and secure in sturdy crates designed to withstand travel and provide a sense of security, whether at home or on the go.
Convenient Storage: Store essential accessories such as bedding, food, and toys conveniently within reach, ensuring that your cat's needs are met wherever you go.

Travel with your cat, worry-free. Jeffers Pet offers essentials for every journey.

Comfort & Safety: Cat beds, crates& pillows - everything for a perfect journey.
Confident Exploration: Cat collars, harnesses & leashes - explore safely together.
Effortless Mealtimes: Durable, travel-friendly cat bowls & dishes for easy feeding.

With Jeffers Pet, every journey becomes an adventure filled with comfort, security, and unforgettable moments with your beloved cat.


Q: Are your carriers airline-approved?
A: Many of our carriers meet airline regulations, but we recommend checking with your specific airline for their requirements before traveling.

Q: Can I use a crate as a permanent sleeping space for my cat?
A: While crates can provide a safe and cozy environment for cats, they should not replace a dedicated sleeping area, such as a cat bed.

Q: How do I clean and maintain my cat's carrier or crate?
A: Regularly wipe down surfaces with pet-safe disinfectant, and wash bedding as needed according to manufacturer instructions.