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Unbridled Faith: Hope and Healing at Home Safe Horses

Based in west Tennessee, Home Safe Horses is a Christian-based nonprofit horse sanctuary that partners rehabilitated formerly abused, neglected and in some cases, near-dead horses, with children and their families. The ranch currently has 13 equines. All, except one, came from horrid situations.  

Beatings, starvation, certain death. For example, Annabelle was death walking – with a softball sized wound of rotting flesh in her abdomen, cuts bone-deep in her leg, and a 12-inch puncture to her chest – because of a boar pig. Molly spent many years of her life in a dog pen. Navy and Shad were starved to their bones, Donkey was beat regularly by a 2×4 before his rescue. Thank the Lord, they’ve all been restored to full health and beauty. 

The children and family programs at the ranch are completely free. They are open to anyone who wishes to participate. All are welcome at the ranch. During sessions, an adult trainer pairs a child and his or her parent with a ranch horse, to learn the essentials of natural horsemanship. Or, in other words, the children are taught to speak horse, which help them better communicate with the animals – and learn to lead. 

Over the course of several weeks of on-the-ground work, session participants can work their way up to basic riding. Each session includes lessons about the Gospel, His healing and grace, and of Jesus and His love for all of His creation.  

Each session begins with prayer, and includes stories about the horses, their past, and the gains they’ve made since coming to the ranch. God’s healing and restoration is evident on the ranch. The horses are witness to that.  

The restoration of these creatures can have on children who may be able to relate to these creatures’ circumstance — of being cast off, bullied, abused, neglected. For individuals, even adults, facing such experience, it’s hard to see and experience God otherwise. However, if they can see how God restored such a large animal to full beauty, there’s a good chance that they’ll come to understand that God might be able to restore them too. At least there’s hope!   

Additionally, if a small person can lead such a large animal, perhaps there’s no end to their potential to grow and lead others. 

Throughout 2023, the ranch, its horses, and its programs worked with more than 215 area children and their families. The results have been amazingly rewarding and fulfilling for everyone – children, parents, the horses, and us.  

God’s hand has been on the work. Children have experienced confidence. They see themselves as leaders. They are learning to trust, to accomplish goals they never thought they could achieve, and connect with their families in ways previously unattainable. Countless parents have expressed peace, sometimes for the first time in their lives, when in the presence of the horses. 

The ranch has ministered to ex-convicts, former addicts, countless grandparents raising their small grandchildren, children with physical and mental challenges, those with anxiety and depression, and so many that do not know Jesus or what He has done for them. 

There’s something special in that – unique. Empowering!  

But there’s much to do and so many more to serve. Families continually ask us the enroll their children, but time and resources are limited. There is only so much time each day to serve others through this ministry. 

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Home Safe Horses is proud to partner with Jeffers Pet to accomplish this mission. Not only does Jeffers offer an array of equine supplies, but it’s been doing it for more than 45 years! Rancher and farmer, Dr. Keith Jeffers, wanted to offer “cost effective” supplies for animal caretakers. We are proud to partner with such an amazing organization, one that values its animal companions and affords their owners with affordable solutions to care for them.