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Suggested Horse Vaccinations

white-horse_zyuB0D_u-cropVaccinations for horses and other animals can be very confusing. What do you give your horse, and when? What is the earliest age you can administer the vaccines, and how often do you need to repeat the dose?

Some of the most important vaccinations include Equine Encephalomyelitis, West Nile, Rhinopneumonitis, Equine Influenza, Tetanus and Potomac Horse Fever.

Refer to our handy chart below for our suggestions on horse vaccinations and schedules. We also give some of the typical signs and symptoms of each disease, and how they’re spread among horses.

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horse vaccinations

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Don’t forget to check out Jeffers Equine’s entire range of equine vaccines. You will also receive a downloadable chart with every order that allows you to keep track of the vaccines administered to each horse. That way you can ensure a proper schedule and make sure no doses are missed.

When choosing Two-Day or Ground Shipping, vaccines are likely to arrive hot. We recommend overnight delivery in an insulated container for the optimal preservation of all vaccines.

Please note that all vaccines are non-returnable and non-refundable.