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Say Goodbye to Pet Hair: Top Hacks for a Hair-Free Home

Say Goodbye to Pet Hair

Say Goodbye to Pet Hair

If you have a pet, you probably battle with pet hair all over your home. We all love our furry friends, but keeping a clean house isn’t always easy with them around. Don’t worry because we have some tips to keep your living space pristine without that pesky pet hair.

1.   Use A Lint Roller

Lint rollers aren’t only for clothes, but can also be great for heading out the door with your dark attire. Lint rollers are amazing for tackling pet hair on sofas and other fabric items. Simply grab a large lint roller and roll it over the surface where you find any pet hair. You may need to change out the sheets several times, but the hair will begin to vanish before your eyes.

2.   Vacuum Cleaner Hack

If you’ve tried the vacuum cleaner and it didn’t get the job done, we have a suggestion that could be a game changer. Always use the right attachments that are made for specific surfaces. One of the best devices for pet hair is the brush. Alternatively, you can use an upholstery tool for those tight crevices. Vacuum in different directions to get to the most stubborn pet hair.

3.   Groom Your Pet

One of the reasons pet hair accumulates in your home is because your fur baby sheds. There are numerous grooming supplies available depending on your animal’s coat. Frequent brushing will loosen the fur and remove it before it has the time to hit your floors and furniture. Brush or comb in the direction of the hair growth for best results. Having a regular appointment with a professional groomer is also a great idea to decrease shedding.

4.   Baths Are a Must

It may not always be a blast for you or your fur baby, but bathing will help remove loose fur and dander. You should always use a pet-friendly shampoo and be sure the water is warm, not hot or cold. That will help your pet be more comfortable during the process. Rinse the coat thoroughly to make certain all shampoo is removed and then dry with a towel to prevent mats.

5.   Washable Covers

Now you can purchase washable furniture covers and pet bedding. Typically you can measure your furniture to get the appropriate cover. You simply pick the color you want and the material. If your pet spends lots of time in a bed, it’s helpful to get the kind that has removable covers. First, shake the bedding outside to remove loose hair. A hair removal brush is good to use during this process, too. You can then throw the bed cover in the washer and let it air dry. Clean bedding will be effective for reducing the amount of hair that gets tracked throughout your home.

Managing Pet Hair

We know maintaining a clean, pet-hair-free home can be a challenge with fur babies. Fortunately, there are plenty of hacks to remove even the most stubborn hair from your home. By following the tips in this article, your house can be so clean that your guests might not even know you have a pet.