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A Pharmacist’s Journey: Becoming a Veterinary Pharmacist

Becoming a Veterinary Pharmacist: Paving the Path to Animal Healthcare


The field of veterinary pharmacy offers a unique and rewarding career path for individuals passionate about both pharmacy and animal health. Veterinary pharmacists play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of animals by providing medications and healthcare solutions tailored to their specific needs.

We’ve interviewed Spencer Brown, head pharmacist at Pet’s Choice Pharmacy, an accredited online veterinary pharmacy founded in 2011 that fills pet prescriptions online across the United States.  Spencer’s journey into the world of veterinary pharmacy is a testament to the evolving landscape of pharmaceutical care for our four-legged companions. In his own words, “I wanted to become a pharmacist so I could be in the health care field and help people (and animals) at the same time. I had an interest in science and medicine from an early age, and now I get to pair that with my love for animals.”

If you’re interested in the field of medicine and have a desire to contribute to the health of animals, this interview acts as a guide and will illuminate the path to becoming a veterinary pharmacist.

A Pharmacists Journey to Becoming a Veterinary Pharmacist

Obtain a Strong Educational Foundation

Spencer’s story begins with a foundational education in pharmacy. He earned his Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree from the University of Kansas, fueled by a desire to integrate his scientific interests with a genuine love for animals. Spencer notes, “I started my career in human pharmacy in retail pharmacy settings for several years. While I have always loved animals, I didn’t even know of this career opportunity when I was in school; it was still a new enough field.”

Gain Practical Experience through Internships

Spencer’s early career involved working in retail pharmacy settings, honing his pharmaceutical skills and interacting with human patients. However, his journey took an unexpected turn when Pet’s Choice Pharmacy opened in the town where he was working. Spencer recalls, “Fortunately, Pet’s Choice was opened in the town I was working in the same year I graduated from Pharmacy School, so I began working part time in addition to my retail work.”

Make a Difference

In 2014, Spencer’s dedication and love for animals led him to a full-time position at Pet’s Choice Pharmacy. Reflecting on this pivotal moment, he shares, “It has been a whirlwind ever since. I love the detail-oriented aspects of being a pharmacist, but most of all, I enjoy knowing that I am helping animals and the people that care for them.”

Connect with Pet’s Choice Pharmacy

Pet’s Choice Pharmacy, where Spencer Brown leads the way, is a hub of expertise in veterinary pharmaceuticals. Pet’s Choice Pharmacy is the trusted provider for animal prescription medications used by Jeffers. When you purchase pet prescriptions online at Jeffers Pharmacy, Spencer and his team at Pet’s Choice Pharmacy are the ones behind the scenes obtaining approval from veterinarians, filling, and shipping the Rx medications.

For those interested in exploring the world of veterinary pharmacy, Spencer recommends visiting the Pet’s Choice Pharmacy website: Pet’s Choice Pharmacy. There, you can learn more about their services, commitment to animal health, and perhaps find inspiration for your own journey into this specialized field.