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Thundershirt is a completely safe, drug-free solution for canine anxiety. Designed to address problems such as storm and firework fears, travel stress, separation anxiety, and more. Pink for the doggy diva. Read More


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Drug-free solution for canine anxiety.

The Thundershirt calms most dogs within minutes of the first use. Completely safe and comfortable for dogs.

The Thundershirt works by applying constant, gentle pressure to the dog's torso, resulting in a significant calming effect for more than 80% of dogs that tried it.

Designed to address problems including storm and firework fears, separation anxiety, problem barking, travel stress and more.

Veterinarian and trainer recommended.

Colors: Heather Grey or Pink

Sizes: XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large or XX-Large

How To Measure Your Dog
For selecting the correct size, your dog's chest size is the best measurement to use. Measure around the thickest part of the chest.
If not available, your dog's weight may be used dog as as guideline.

XX-Small9” - 13½" (< 12 lb)
X-Small13" - 18" (10 - 18 lb)
Small16" - 23" (15 - 25 lb)
Medium18" - 26" (20 - 50 lb)
Large24" - 32" (40 - 70 lb)
X-Large31" - 40" (60 - 100 lb)
XX-Large38" - 50" (> 100 lb)


  • Size: XXSmall (under 12 lb),X-Small (10 - 18 lb),Small (15 - 25 lb),Medium (20 - 50 lb),Large (40 - 70 lb),X-Large (60 - 100 lb),XXLarge (Over 100 lb)
  • Brand: Thundershirt
  • Color: Pink

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