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Welcome to our Saddlery Collection. Discover a wide range of premium saddles and equestrian equipment for every riding style and horse breed. Find the perfect fit for a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

The saddle you choose plays a crucial role in your overall riding experience, impacting both your comfort and your horse's well-being. It serves as the bridge between you and your horse, ensuring a secure and balanced connection during your ride.

A well-fitted saddle distributes your weight evenly, reducing pressure points and discomfort for both you and your equine companion. It allows you to maintain proper posture and balance, enabling effective communication with your horse through subtle cues. In turn, this promotes a more enjoyable and harmonious riding experience for both rider and horse, enhancing the bond and trust between you.

Jeffers Pet offers a wide selection of both English saddles and Western saddles to accommodate your horse supply needs. Happy shopping!