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ITEM: 002ZOO-30005

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Reptitherm Under Tank Heater, 10-20 Gallon, 6" x 8"

ITEM: 002ZOO-30005

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California Prop 65 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Product Description

Reptitherm Under Tank Heater 10-20 Gallon 6" x 8"

The ReptiTherm Under Tank Heater is a versatile heating solution, ideal as a primary or secondary heat source for tropical or temperate reptilian species. This heater, suitable for 10-20 gallon terrariums, measures 6" x 8" and provides consistent, reliable warmth. UL/cUL approved (GS/TuV/CE in Europe), it features a solid state nichrome heating element for optimal heat transfer.


  • Adhesive Bond: Permanently adheres to the terrarium for optimal heat transfer.
  • Safety: Includes rubber feet to elevate the terrarium, preventing overheating and cord damage.
  • Compatibility: Designed for glass terrariums only. Do not use on wood, plastic, acrylic, or other materials.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Installation: Peel the adhesive paper off the back of the heater and stick it to the bottom underside of your glass terrarium. Place the heater on either the right or left side to create a temperature gradient.
  2. Setup: Slightly elevate the terrarium with the included rubber feet.
  3. Caution: Use only on glass terrariums. Avoid placing on household furniture as it may cause discoloration.

Temperature Guidelines:

  • Boas/Pythons: 82-90°F
  • Garter Snakes: 72-84°F
  • Green Iguanas: 90-100°F
  • Anoles: 75-85°F
  • Tropical Lizards: 80-90°F
  • Desert Type Lizards: 85-95°F
  • Mice/Rats: 65-75°F
  • Temperate Amphibians: 70-78°F
  • Tropical Amphibians: 78-82°F
  • Land Tortoises: 82-88°F
  • Hermit Crabs: 75-83°F
  • Bearded Dragons: 80-95°F
  • Leopard Geckos: 75-85°F


  • For terrarium use only, not suitable for aquariums.
  • For indoor use only.

Enjoy the optimal heating solution for your reptilian pets with the ReptiTherm Under Tank Heater, ensuring their environment is warm and comfortable.


6" x 8"
10-20 Gallons
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