Zelnate DNA Immunostimulant


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Zelnate DNA Immunostimulant

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Zelnate is the first non-antibiotic immunostimulant that aids in the treatment of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD). It jump-starts the animals own defense system to help fight disease. Read More

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Zelnate DNA Immunostimulant

A new chapter in BRD management

Zelnate aids in the treatment of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) due to Mannheimia Haemolytica in cattle 4 months of age and older. Zelnate should be administered at the time of, or within 24 hours after, a perceived stressful event.

Zelnate is a non-antibiotic treatment for BRD.

Zelnate is a bacterial-produced plasmid DNA with a liposome carrier that stimulates the innate immune system in cattle. The innate immune system has been shown to provide a potent, rapid, nonspecific, protective response to infectious agents, such as those that ca lead to Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD).

BRD is a serious condition that commonly causes lung lesions, reduced lung capacity, and mortality. As a stand-alone therapy, Zelnate has been shown to significantly reduce lung lesions associated with BRD when administered in the face of disease challenge, and to significantly reduce the risk of mortality when administered in the face of clinical BRD.

Zelnate requires a very specific mixing process:

  • the freeze dried product is packaged with two different sterile diluents
  • mixing process must be completed in the proper order prior to use
  • inject 2 ml IM at the time of, or within 24 hours after, a perceived stressful event
  • events could include weaning, shipping commingling, or adverse environmental conditions
  • do not administer within 21 days of slaughter

Use entire contents of vial immediately after opening and mixing!

Watch video on mixing and administering here.

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Read instructions in pdf here.

In field studies, there were no injection site lesions or adverse events observed with the use of Zelnate when used according to the label.

View manufacturer and/or label information

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See more videos about Zelnate here.


  • Brand: Bayer
  • Dose: 5 Dose,10 Dose
  • Type: Injectable

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