Cashel Tush Cushion (Western) Black

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Cashel Tush Cushion (Western) Black

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The careful engineering of the Cashel Tush Cushion makes hours in the saddle a lot less painful. Made with the closed cell foam that will not compact or bunch. Black. Read More

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Saddle Tush Cushion by Cashel

The careful engineering of the Cashel Tush Cushion® makes hours in the saddle a lot less painful. Made with the same closed cell foam as the popular Cushion™ saddle pads, they will not collapse or give the way open-cell foam can. They will not compact, bunch up, nor absorb. They hold heat, as well. Adjustable nylon straps hold firmly in place, preventing the sliding and shifting problems experienced with other seat savers. The Tush Cushion does not interfere with your balance and seat in the saddle, it just makes it much more comfortable.

The Luxury Tush Cushion is the ultimate cushion in the line. It is wider and longer to support you where the saddle doesn't. Specifically designed with double thick Cashel foam along the outside edge to help eliminate painful pressure points and provide an incredibly comfortable ride.

Features & Benefits of the Tush Cushion:

  • made with closed cell foam
  • holds heat
  • will not compact, bunch, or absorb


  • Brand: Cashel, Co.
  • Material: Closed Cell Foam
  • Thickness: ½"
  • Color: Black

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  1. 2.0 out of 5 stars

    "Cashel Tush Cushion"

    The Tush Cushion was comfortable, but over a short period of time (months), started to break apart and not present a smooth even riding seat. Not so comfortable.

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Comfortable over 50 mile endurance ride"

    I am a competitive endurance rider and I have a nice, comfortable endurance saddle with a built in Gel Seat. I have been doing 25 mile competitions and at the end of each day my tush is SOOO sore I can barely sit down. I was looking for a way to increase the comfort of my saddle without costing a fortune and found this product I had bought years ago sitting in the tack room unopened and unused. I have the standard version. Recently, when stepping my distance up to 50 miles at the last competition, I used the Cashel Tush Cushion on top of the gel saddle I normally ride in and MAN WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE! I was comfortable throughout the whole ride and had only minimal soreness over the next couple days. It also seemed to cut down on the irritation in my female area. This cushion is light weigh, easy to install in seconds and does not add bulk to the saddle. It fits my western and endurance saddle nicely and causes no irritating seams or areas of chaffing. If you are looking to add comfort to your saddle for long hours out on the trail or just to have an extra comfy ride in the arena I HIGHLY SUGGEST this product!

  3. 3.0 out of 5 stars

    "Not worth the high price"

    The luxury western cushion is not worth the $42.95 price. It has simple foam along the outside edge but not so much where you actually sit. I found it to slip on a leather/top grain seat but it does hold pretty still on a suede seat. Best when used with 16 inch seats. Found it to look bulky and stick out in a deap seat barrel saddle. Would not buy again for this price.

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