Vetericyn Plus Ophthalmic Gel, 3 oz

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Vetericyn Plus Ophthalmic Gel, 3 oz

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Vetericyn Plus Antimicrobial Ophthalmic Gel is used to cleanse irritated eyes and provide relief from burning, stinging, itching, pollutants and other foreign materials. Read More

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Vetericyn Plus Ophthalmic Gel

Vetericyn Plus Antimicrobial Ophthalmic Gel is used to relieve eyes affected by burning, stinging, itching, pollutants and contaminants. This gel is specially formulated and tested for use in and around the eye. Studies prove Vetericyn Plus to be completely safe, helping alleviate irritation without stinging or discomfort to the animal. For best results, use Vetericyn Eye Wash to flush debris from the eye prior to applying Ophthalmic Gel.

Vetericyn Plus Ophthalmic Gel Features & Benefits:

  • safe for use on all animal species
  • safe & non-toxic
  • no alcohol, steroids or antibiotics
  • non-irritating & non-sensitizing
  • made in the USA

Vetericyn Plus Ophthalmic Gel Uses:

  • eye itching & irritations
  • redness, discharge & drainage
  • daily eye maintenance

Note: Do not allow to freeze because product may lose its potency.

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  • Brand: Vetericyn
  • Form: Gel
  • Size : 3 oz

Reviews (9)

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Great Stuff"

    After a year of feeling like I had sand stuck in my eye and 2 doctors told me I had dry eye. I was desperate for the itching and burning to stop so against directions I used this. Hurt like h... for a few minutes but ya know what it worked. I had to repeat once havent had a problem sense.

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Vetricyn eye gel"

    Love the product. Cleared up my two horses eye within a few days. Unfortunately one of them has a fungal issue and it didn't help. I like the thick gel over the liquid, goes in their eyes easier.

  3. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Bad bottle great medicine"

    Have saved my dogs eyes with the product but waste most of it when it plops out of the container. First you can't get it out then a glob big enough to treat the dog for a month falls out.

  4. 1.0 out of 5 stars

    "Too thick to go into the eye safely"

    It gloops out. So, it either falls on the floor, or you risk poking the goat's eye out. Sorry, but this one is a failure.

  5. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Dispensing troubles..."

    I've given 5 stars because all other Vetericyn products I've used have been extremely good. A suggestion for the impossible dispenser: try sucking some product into a sterile syringe of appropriate size for the animal you are treating. Without the needle, of course! I'm going to try this on my cat, who's been having a slight but persistent brownish discharge at her eye corners...will post results

  6. 4.0 out of 5 stars

    "Good product bad dispenser"

    Product helped clear up St.Bernard's badly irritated eyes. Relatively quick results. Application is difficult...either too much or too little. Perhaps a tube would be better with a narrower applicator?

  7. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Vetericyn Animal Ophthalmic Gel "

    i used this product in 4 difrent of my chicken's eye's that had coryza after 1st cleaning the eye good and used it for 3 day's just as a percoustion and it cleared the eye's up compleatly and saved the eye's this stuff work's great

  8. 4.0 out of 5 stars

    "Wonderful Product, Not So good Dispenser"

    This product REALLY WORKS AMAZINGLY!It got rid of an eye staph bacterial infection within 24hrs!Only downside is that it IS impossible to get the correct amount to come out of the thick plastic dispenser. Hoping the company could find a better dispenser for this product because it definately works but horrible to apply. So totally agree with previous review on the dispenser!

  9. 2.0 out of 5 stars

    "Horrible dispenser bottle"

    Let me start by saying I am extremely happy with other Vetericyn products, such as the spray which works great on ringworm, and the ear cleanser. Unfortunately, the eye drops bottle is so poorly designed that the product is effectively unusable. When you squeeze the bottle, air puffs out -- making the cat instantly close its eyes and pull away. Ok, so you try squeezing the air out first so the cat won't flinch. But then you are holding a constant pressure and trying to add the exact right additional pressure to get a drop or two -- this is nearly impossible. If you don't squeeze hard enough on the thick plastic bottle, nothing comes out. If you squeeze too hard then a big squirt of gel comes out, far more than you need. Even worse, as you try to apply it, the gel is so thick that it sucks some gel back into the bottle... leading to possible contamination! In this bottle, the Vetericyn is effectively unusable at worst and horribly wasteful at best. I have contacted the company to complain as well. Really, really disappointing because I needed this to work for a cat with persistent eye problems.

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