Vet-Strider Boot

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Vet-Strider Boot

The Vet-Strider Horse Poultice is a reusable hoof boot protection used on abscesses, puncture wounds, lost shoes, bruising or cracked hooves. May be used over wet or dry poultice or on its own. Read More

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Vet-Strider Boot

The Vet-Strider offers an equine poultice boot and hoof protection. Reusable, robust hoof protection that can be used to treat a variety of hoof problems. Supported by vets for the use on abscesses, puncture wounds, lost shoes, bruising, or cracked hooves. This inexpensive and reusable boot can be used over wet or dry poultice, or on its own. The Vet-Strider can also be used during supervised turnout. Another difference in the boot is that it allows the hoof to breathe.

ONLY use this boot with Vet-Strider Ties as they have a predetermined breaking point that loosens in case of an emergency.


Small   3 1/2"   5"  
Medium   4 1/2"   5 1/2"  
Large   5 1/2"   8"  


  • Brand: Vet-Strider
  • Type: Poultice Boots
  • Color: Black

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