Vanguard Plus 5/L4 - 25 Dose

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Vanguard Plus 5/L4 - 25 Dose

Vanguard Plus 5/L4 Vaccine for dogs protects against Canine Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvo, plus Lepto (4 strains). Needles & Syringes sold separately. 25 dose Read More

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Which Shots When & What Are All Those Letters?

How do I know which shot to give my dog or puppy?  What do all these letters mean?  What is Lepto and when is it OK to vaccinate for it?  What is the difference between a 5 way and a 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 way shot?

Do any of these questions sound familiar?

There seems to be a lot of confusion and some very common misconceptions about puppy shots and dog vaccinations in general...


Vanguard Plus 5/L4

Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza, Parvo Vaccine, Lepto Canicola, Lepto Grippotyphosa, Lepto Icterohaemorrhagiae, Lepto Pomona (MLV)

High titer, low passage Parvo.

For vaccination of healthy dogs 6 weeks or older. Give 1 dose (1 mL) SQ or IM.

Primary vaccination: healthy dogs 6 weeks or older should receive 3 doses, each given 3 weeks apart.

Annual revaccination recommended.

Do NOT vaccinate pregnant animals.

NOTE: Dogs contract Lepto through a break in the skin or drinking water contaminated by infected urine. Animals that carry Lepto include but are not limited to rats, possums, raccoons, squirrels, cows, pigs, and already infected dogs. Limiting your animal’s access to contaminated water is the best way to avoid contracting Lepto. You should assess your dog’s level of risk and consult your veterinarian before vaccinating for Lepto.

Does NOT included syringes or needles.

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  • Brand: Zoetis
  • Form: Injectable

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Great Product at a decent price.

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Combo with Lepto but no warning"

    Lepto 5 way is a HARSH vaccine. Check the WARNING on the vaccine containing 4 way Lepto only. This vaccine should have the same warning on the top page of the product description. DO NOT GIVE TO VERY YOUNG or VERY SMALL DOGS. Can have a bad reaction. Lepto is only a problem for dogs that stay outside a lot, especially where there are rodents. The rodents urine carries the disease. If your dog is not at risk, Lepto vaccine is probably not worth the risk.

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