Tough 1 Round Bale Slow Feed Net

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Tough 1 Round Bale Slow Feed Net

The Tough 1 Round Slow Feed Hay Net is constructed of durable black poly cord and made to fit around bales that are up to 6' x 6' with 2" x 2" openings. Read More

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Tough 1 Round Bale Slow Feed Net

Say goodbye to the soiled and trampled round bale hay! Tough 1 round bale feeders are designed to reduce hay waste and slow down speedy eaters. Made of durable black poly cord, these nets feature fixed openings with knotted cord that will not stretch out over time like other brands.

Made to fit round bales that are up to 6' x 6' and has 2" x 2" openings. It creates more of a natural slow feeding experience for your four-legged friends and saves money by getting the most out of each bale.


  • Brand: Tough-1
  • Type: Hay Net
  • Size: 6' x 6'
  • Color: Black

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  1. 1.0 out of 5 stars

    "Doesn't last"

    I have several round roll hay nets mostly hay chix nets for almost 2 years and they have a few holes so I bought a tough 1 to try well it didn't even last a month and has GIANT holes in it and I constantly try to fix them with the repair they sent and it doesn't hold. These just don't last

  2. 1.0 out of 5 stars

    "Just garbage"

    I've used bale nets before, but my old commercial fishing net one had given up the ghost after several years. The Tough1 is easier to put on a bale than the heavy fishnet, I'll give it that. But the first night the poly tie - which I had tied many times, wrapped around the bit of hardware, and tucked inside the net - came undone, and the horses pulled about half the bale of expensive oat hay out and threw it around. The tie cord was just plain missing for days. I managed to pull the net back up around the remaining hay, stuffing what I could back in, and hook it together with carabiner snaps. It already had holes in it, after less than 16 hours. Now, at the end of one bale (which lasted 4 days - not a minute longer than a naked one), the net has many large holes in it (more than 12" across) and is essentially useless. My horses are not shod, they don't wear halters, and the bale is in a homebuilt hay hut. This net is just garbage. Jeffers is a terrific company, but this net from Tough1 is awful.

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