ThunderLeash Dog Leash

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ThunderLeash Dog Leash

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ThunderLeash Dog Leash provides a simpler no-pull solution for your dog with a design that converts from a standard leash to a no-pull leash in seconds. Works with any standard collar. Read More

Color: Blue Polka Dot (In Stock)

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From the makers of ThunderShirt.

The no-pull configuration applies safe, gentle pressure on the dog's torso to provide consistent feedback. It stops pulling without the need for complicated harnesses or irritating head-collars.

ThunderLeash can adapt to fit all breeds and sizes, and works with any standard collar - simply clip it onto the collar, wrap it around your dog's torso, and go!

Recommended by positive-based trainers across the country, this leash requires no training and has an extremely high success rate.

ThunderLeash is great for:

  • leash pulling
  • lunging
  • sidewalk walking
  • training
  • vet visits
  • other dog interaction

Includes a soft-touch handle for your hand's comfort.

Available in 2 Sizes:

  • Small for dogs under 25 pounds
  • Large for dogs over 25 pounds

*Colors/styles may vary: some blue leashes have polka dots and some are a plain blue.


  • Type: Lead
  • Size: Small, Large
  • Color: *Blue, Pink, Black
  • Brand: ThunderLeash

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