Tetanus Toxoid Concentrate

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Tetanus Toxoid Concentrate

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Colorado Serum Tetanus Toxoid Concentrate for vaccination of cattle, horses, sheep, goats and swine against tetanus. Read More

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Tetanus Toxoid Concentrate

A multi-species vaccine for protection and prevention of tetanus. Recommended whenever an animal has a deep penetrating wound, when performing operations such as docking or castrating, or when other tetanus infections have been present in the environment.

Prepared by detoxifying tetanus toxin in a way that allows the antigenic properties to remain intact. Product is purified, concentrated and adjuvanted to provide a low dose effective immunizing agent. Each serial is tested for purity, safety, and potency in accordance with USDA requirements.

An annual booster is recommended. Please wait 21 day before slaughter.

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Dosage Directions:

  • Horse & Cattle: Inject a 1 mL dose (IM) and repeat in 30 days
  • Goat, Sheep, & Swine: Inject a 0.5 mL dose (IM) and repeat in 30 days


  • Brand: Colorado Serum
  • Type: Tetanus Toxoid
  • Amount: 10 Dose Vial,(10) Single Dose Vial

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    Awesome product

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    An excellent product at a comfortable price. An incredible shipping and delivery in perfect condition. I recommend this product.

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    Good prices to help,is run out ranch

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    "great product great price"

    I'm constantly trimming hooves and disbudding. glad to have a product I can use on unvaccinated animals at a reasonable price.

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