Andis UltraEdge T-10 Blade

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Andis UltraEdge T-10 Blade

Andis UltraEdge Size T-10 blade fits ALL Andis, AG, AGC, AGR, MBG and Oster A5 Models. Read More

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Andis UltraEdge Size T-10 Blade

Blades fit ALL Andis®, AG, AGC, AGR, MBG and Oster® A5® Models.

(#22305) Extra-wide, medium cut. 1/16" - 1½ mm.


  • Brand: Andis®
  • Brand Compatibility: Andis® & Oster®
  • Hair Length: 1/16"
  • Size: T-10 - UltraEdge

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  1. 2.0 out of 5 stars

    "Wimpy, like the T-84."

    Against my better judgment, I bought a pair of these blades at my local feed store. I was skeptical because, in my experience, the T-84's don't work well on thick hair/fur/fleece, and these look a lot like the T-84's. However, the regular size 10 blades work great, and I was intrigued by the possibility of cutting a wider path, so I took the risk. Sure enough, these blades will not cut a single stroke of sheep fleece. I suspect, however, that they will be ok for my horses. Also, Jeffers (as expected) has way better prices than my local feed store. So, really, I feel like a dummy all around.

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Love these blades!"

    These blades match the regular 10 blades. They are shaped well and get in the little corners the other blades did not. I liked the T84's but when I used a 10 on the legs or face it did not match up. Yay for T10's :)

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