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Synanthic Bovine (cattle) Dewormer Suspension, 22.5% contains oxfendazole. Not cleared for female dairy cattle of breeding age. Read More

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Synanthic Bovine Dewormer Suspension

For cattle.

Contains oxfendazole. (Not cleared for female dairy cattle of breeding age).

Synanthic Suspension is used to aid in control of:

  • lungworms
  • brown stomach worms
  • barpole worms
  • bankrupt worms
  • threadneck intestinal worms
  • coopers worms
  • hook worms
  • nodular worms
  • tapeworms
  • inhibits Ostertagia

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Synathic® 22.5% - Give orally at the rate of 1 mL per 110 lbs of body weight.

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  • Brand: Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Type: Drench
  • Size: 500 mL,1 Liter
  • Active Ingredient: 22.5% Oxfendazole

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