Super-Tet with Havlogen

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Super-Tet with Havlogen

Super-Tet with Havlogen Vaccine is a tetanus toxoid vaccine that provides long-term protection against tetanus in cattle, horses, sheep and swine. Read More

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Super-Tet Vaccine by Merck 

A tetanus toxoid vaccine providing long-term protection against tetanus in animals 6 months of age or older.

Super-Tet is best for use in:

  • cattle
  • horses
  • sheep
  • swine

Give cattle, horses and swine 1 mL IM. Give sheep 0.5 mL IM. Repeat in 3-4 weeks. Booster annually or at the time of injury.

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  • Brand: Merck
  • Type: Tetanus Toxoid
  • Amount: Single Dose

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