Sullivan's Mini Soap Foamer

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Sullivan's Mini Soap Foamer

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Sullivan's Mini Soap Foamer is ideal for the small animal exhibitor! Simply fill with shampoo, attach hose, and spray pre-lathered shampoo. Reservoir holds 4 oz. Read More

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Sullivan's Mini Soap Foamer

Ideal for the small animal exhibitor! Simply fill with shampoo, attach hose, and spray pre-lathered shampoo. Dial on foamer allows you to adjust the concentration of soap emitted.

When finished applying shampoo, turn the dial to the rinse setting without disconnecting the hose! Reservoir holds 4 oz of shampoo. Complete with 7-setting adjustable sprayer.


  • Brand: Sullivan's
  • Type: Grooming
  • Color: Black/Red

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Sullivan Mini Soap Foamer"

    I bought this for my personal use on my dog. I have to say, this really does save alot of time and effort. No more scrubbing. If only i can find a replacement bottle, it would be awesome.

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Durable, works for bathing a horse, too"

    Despite its small size, the Sullivan's mini soap foamer holds enough to bathe a horse. It's been durable, lasted over a year of being used several times a day or intermittently. After using bigger foamers, would rather add a little soap to finish a particularly dirty horse than pour-out leftover soap and water. Good product, especially for the price.

  3. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Makes bath time a breeze"

    I am using Sullivan's Mini Soap Foamer in my basement utility tub to wash my dogs. For years now I've done the usual 'wash the dog' routine. Put dog in tub. Wet dog down thoroughly. Fill empty gallon jug with warm water and 4 oz shampoo. Look for lid, where's the lid? Oh well, cover spout with hand, shake. Get soapy wet anyway. Pour over dog. Waste half of it because it splashes off the dog and down the drain. Rinse, rinse, rinse. Repeat. Rinse some more. Find small empty mixing bottle for conditioner. Dilute with warm water. Same deal, waste half that goes down the drain. Meanwhile 20 minutes goes by. Rinse more! Enter the Mini Soap Foamer! Fill the chamber with shampoo. Set the dial to the foaming setting. NO prewetting the dog down! Just spray automatically diluted shampoo right onto the dog, getting soap in every nook and cranny! I went ahead and continued spraying diluted soap on the dog until the chamber was emptied of soap. Turn dial to rinse setting and rinse!! Next, fill the chamber half full with conditioner and spray right onto dog, in every nook and cranny, curve and angle. Once conditioner in chamber was gone, rinsed with water. I had my dog washed in about 5 minutes! Now, a day later, she still smells wonderful (better than my previous/usual shampoo) because the spray got the soap down to the skin, removed dirt, oil and debris with minimal effort! She also usually has dandruff after a bath, and I haven't seen even one flake. This thing is great. I'll never be without a mini soap foamer ever again!

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