Scarlex, 5 oz aerosol

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Scarlex, 5 oz aerosol

Contains powerful germicide and fungicide of scarlet oil and P-Chloro-M-Xylenol in a soothing antiseptic dressing that promotes rapid healing. Read More

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Scarlex Scarlet Oil Wound Dressing Spray

Contains powerful germicide and fungicide of scarlet oil and P-Chloro-M-Xylenol in a soothing antiseptic dressing that promotes rapid healing of surface lesions, wounds dermatitis, cuts and burns.

Features & Benefits of Scarlex Spray:

  • Soothing, slowing-drying, antiseptic wound dressing helps relieve itching and aids in rapid healing
  • Contains scarlet oil and p-chloro-m-xylenol, a powerful germicide
Extremely flammable. Contents are under pressure and vapors are harmful if inhaled.


  • Type: Spray
  • Brand: Farnam
  • Ingredients: Scarlet Oil,P-Chloro-M-Xylenol

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Wipes out fungus!!!!"

    "This stuff was a lifesaver for our 85 lb. Malamute/Husky! The weather in Michigan is everchanging & you never know what to expect day-to-day. One year we were having a particularly fickle streak in summer. It was switching back & forth from extremely hot -to- downright damp & chilly. Needless to say, our poor guy's coat was confused. It didn't know whether it needed to blow town or hunker down for a Doom's-day scenario! I kept up w/what hair he was shedding, but the rest of his coat was determined to stick around, despite it being the middle of July! A few hot & humid mornings later, after having endured weeks of nothing but rain & cold, I went to feed him his breakfast & I noticed the top of his head looked a bit odd. So, I ran my hand across the top & it felt all gummed-up & tacky. I looked at him & muttered, ""What have you gotten into now?"" You see, he's an outdoor dog, living alongside 4 of our other Malamute/Huskies. The have a huge fenced in area w/access to a large indoor room located in our basement. This enables them to have more control over their body temp & also escape the elements if need be. However, this normally ideal shelter wasn't doing a thing to control the humidity. And since the temps had been so cold, our boy was hanging onto his wonderfully warm fur coat. But now, it was hot & muggy, & his body was trying to release all that excess heat through the top of his fully furred head. But, all his undercoat was still in place, blocking any progress his body was trying to make in it's efforts to cool him off. Add moisture to the now trapped heat atop his head & you've got a recipe for disaster. A perfect breeding ground for fungus & bacteria! Needless to say I was worried & my knee-jerk reaction was to take him to the vet. But then I remembered the Scarlex spray a friend had given me a few months prior to & thought I'd give it a try first. So into the bathroom we went & out came the 1st aid "

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