ReproSTAR VL5 HB, 100 mL - 50 Dose

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ReproSTAR VL5 HB, 100 mL - 50 Dose

ReproSTAR VL5 HB is a cattle vaccine used to aid in the prevention of hardjo-bovis kidney colonization, urinary shedding and reproductive tract infection for 12 months. 50 dose Read More

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Leptospira Canicola, L. Crippotyphosa, L. Icterohaemorrhagiae, L. Pomona, L. Hardjo, and Campylobacter Fetus.

Protects against 5 strains of Lepto including the U.S. isolate L. Hardjo-Bovis. Also offers 1 dose protection against Campylobacter Fetus (vibrio).

Safe for all cattle.

Xtend® adjuvant provides prolonged stimulation of the immune system.

Revaccinate in 4-6 weeks with ReproSTAR L5 HB.

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