Recombitek West Nile Vaccine

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Recombitek West Nile Vaccine

For the vaccination of healthy horses as an aid in the prevention of equine viremia due to West Nile Virus. Read More

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RecombitekĀ® West Nile Virus vaccine contains a lyophilized recombinant canarypox vector, modified using recombinant technology, to express the desired antigens capable of stimulating a protective immune response to West Nile Virus. After inoculation, the vector does not multiply in the horse, but does express the protective proteins. As a consequence, these components induce an immune response against West Nile Virus.

For the vaccination of healthy horses as an aid in the prevention of viremia due to West Nile Virus.

Give 1 mL IM, repeat in 4 to 6 weeks. Revaccinate annually with a single dose. Live canarypox vector, requires mixing.

Syringes and needles are NOT included.

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  • Brand: Merial
  • Type: West Nile Virus
  • Amount: Single Dose

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "West Nile vacc review"

    Well bought this product vaccinated 10 horses, my pregnant mare had a reaction to it, she ran fever, labored breathing and was very depressed for two days of course we had vet out immediately and she was cared for the vaccine company paid for the entire treatment.. This gave me quite a scare but she is well now and all 9 others never had any problems so not sure why she did. I will not use this with her again.

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