Ramik 16 oz Bars

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Ramik 16 oz Bars

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Ramik all weather bar baits are mold and moisture resistant and kills rats and mice within 4-5 days after a lethal dose is consumed. Read More

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Ramik 16 oz Bars

Ramik all-weather bar baits are manufactured utilizing a special proprietary process where the bait ingredients are fully blended, bonded and the shaped into weatherproof bait bars. A small amount of edible was is added to allow uniform sized bars to be formed. Each 16 oz bar can be used whole or easily broken in 4 oz pieces or 16-1 oz pieces.

Ramik Bars Key Benefits:

  • mold & moisture resistant
  • indoor or outdoor use
  • can be used in wet or dry areas

Neogen's most popular rodenticide product and is the most popular product among dealer and hardware distributors.


  • Brand: Neogen
  • Type: Pest Control
  • Ingredient: Diphacinone

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