Pet Lodge Rabbit Hutch

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Pet Lodge Rabbit Hutch

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The Pet Lodge Rabbit Hutch is a strong, durable, and rust resistant hutch for indoor or outdoor use. Made of chew-poor, easy-to-clean galvanized wire mesh. Read More

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Pet Lodge Rabbit Hutches

The Pet Lodge Rabbit Hutch is a strong, durable, and rust resistant hutch for indoor or outdoor use.


  • chew-proof wire
  • vinyl guards on door
  • spring-tension door latch
  • stack-able up to four high when used with Hutch Frame Kit (ITEM #:16007)
  • Easy assembly required:
  • sides are 2 inch by 1 inch mesh
  • bottom measures 1 inch by 1/2 inch mesh

Items sold separately:

  • Rabbit Hutch Frame Kit (Item #: 16007) - Suspends hutch over dropping pan for easy cleaning and includes bolts to allow hatches to be stacked up to four high.
  • Metal Hutch Dropping Pan (Item #: 16003) - Easy-to-clean, all-purpose hutch dropping pan.
  • Light-Duty Clip Pliers (Item #: BEP1) - Comfortable, zinc-plated steel pliers with soft plastic grips. Perfect for J clips and for the repair or assembly of hutches and cages. 


  • Brand: Pet Lodge
  • Type: Hutch
  • Dimensions: 30"D x 36"W x 16"H,24"D x 24"W x 16"H

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Consistently Good"

    I raise rabbits for show and these are good for small breeds. The 24 inch depth makes it easy to reach in to get the rabbit. I have a couple of the 30 x 30 and they are too deep for me to reach to the back without a struggle, and when they’re stacked on top of one another, it makes the bottom cage very difficult to get into. So the 24 x 24 is a good size, especially if you have kids. I decided on these and not the big-name equipment that is popular in the show circuit because they were a fair price, and are galvanized AFTER weld (as opposed to being galvanized before weld) which is a huge plus as far as longevity goes so the welds aren’t subject to rust. Though it never states that in the description anywhere you read about this brand. I have a few old cages by this brand and they're still holding up. The welds hold up good, and comes with plenty of J-clips for assembly. The directions will indicate to put a clip more frequent than is necessary for the floor, (every 4 inches is sufficient) but they probably just want to make sure toe nails don't get caught. The directions fail to mention which way is 'up' for the floor, so just make sure you put the side with more wires up, this helps keep feet from wearing out. The downside - The vinyl guards are only good for chewing on and the rabbits demolish them quick. There are no urine guards to purchase by the manufacturer but they can be purchased elsewhere, and they are very helpful for keeping urine in the pan and not the floor. I like the stacking kit that is purchased separate compared with other brand kits from different places, it is built just as good but includes nut and bolt to keep them together easier. But you can easily make an apartment style stacker with these with a separate roll of wire to save on space, just use the stacking kit on the base, and use floor wire to link the cages together, just buy extra clips to get the job done. The metal tray, also sold separately, is very sturdy, I still have some from a few years ago that are still in one piece. Just avoid the plastic trays by the manufacturer because they have those ridges in them which makes it very complicated to scoop out.

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Simple cage"

    This cage is a joy to set up. Takes about 5 mins and you are ready for the rabbit. No tools necessary. Sturdy little cage, big enough for most rabbits. Priced right, what more could you want?

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