Le Bistro Portion Control Feeder

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Le Bistro Portion Control Feeder

Le Bistro Portion Control Pet Feeder handles a large range of dry food sizes, shapes and types up to 3/7" diameter (do not use moist treats). Read More

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Le Bistro Portion Control Pet Feeder

Handles a large range of dry food sizes, shapes and types up to 3/7" diameter (do not use moist treats). Battery operated with 3-D cell batteries that last up to 6 months.

5 lb hopper holds approximately 4 lbs of dry food (total of 5 lbs including bowl and dispense space.)

Dispenses portions from ¼ cup to 2 cups at 3 selected times per day with simple, programmable electronics.

5 lb Dimensions: (14½" x 9" x 15") 


  • Brand: Petmate
  • Size: 5 lb (14½" x 9" x 15")
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Replenishment Feeder

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars


    "We purchased the Le Bistro Feeder (our ""french nanny"") from Jeffers to feed our kitty boys while we went on a two week vacation. She has turned out to be a great investment! We've used her CONSTANTLY for over a year and a half without ANY problems. Our boys had previously destroyed two smaller battery operated feeders. Yes, one kitty quickly learned to earn a few kibbles by sticking his paw up into the unit, but it hasn't harmed the machine one iota. The boys soon stopped waking us for food, as they know they can depend on their french nanny to feed them."

  2. 2.0 out of 5 stars

    "portions are not measured correctly"

    This machine overfeeds my cats. I have it set to feed 1/4 a cup of food 3 times a day (the smallest amount you can program it to feed), but it feeds 1/2 a cup twice a day, and then dumps more like 3/4 a cup the other feeding of the day, dumping some into the bowl (already too much), pausing for 1 minute, then dumping MORE into the bowl! I cannot use it for the intended purpose of helping my cat DIET because it feeds MORE than the recommended amount per day, no matter what I do. I am going to have to disable one feeding a day, and make it feed twice a day I guess, but this is not what I wanted, and not what it is supposed to do. Very disappointed with this product. It's fine if you just want to dump a bowl of food to your pet 3 times a day, but NOT if you are controlling portions!

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