Permectrin CDS Pour-On Insecticide

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Permectrin CDS Pour-On Insecticide

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Permectrin CDS Pour-On is used for lactating & non-lactating dairy & beef cattle & calves. Contains Permethrin & Piperonyl Butoxide for control against mosquitoes & flies. Great for Back Rubs. Read More

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Permectrin CDS Pour-On Insecticide

An oil-based, ready-to-use formula containing 7.4% Permethrin and 7.4% Piperonyl Butoxide.

Permectrin CDS Pour-On Insecticide is best for:

  • lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle
  • beef cattle
  • calves
  • horses
  • foals

Permectrin CDS Pour-On Insecticide is used to aid in the control of:

  • lice, horn and face flies
  • horse and stable flies
  • mosquitoes and black flies

Can be used on horses and foals as a wipe-on or as a ready-to-use spray, by applying 8-16 mL by following the label. Apply as a pour-on, mist, spray, or back rubber. Apply 2 mL per 100 lb body wt with a maximum of 20 mL per animal for cattle.
Pour-on gun sold separately (see CUJ3).

For Backrubber use:

add 64 mL per 1 gallon of mineral oil OR mix 4 oz to 1.9 gallons of diesel fuel.

No milk withholding or slaughter withdrawal.

FDA approved for use on horses.

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  • Brand: Bayer Animal Health
  • Type: Insecticide
  • Ingredient: Permethrin,Piperonyl Butoxide
  • Size: 16 oz,½ Gallon,2½ Gallon
  • Form: Pour-On, Backrubber,Pour-On, Spray
  • Insect Type: Lice,Mosquitoes,Flies

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Excellent protection, excellent value"

    I have tried several different insect concentrates and this blend containing piperonyl is more effective than plain permectrin. Those huge deer flies circle, but don't land. Great value. And the dispenser bottle makes measuring easy.

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