Parmak Solar-Pak 12

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Parmak Solar-Pak 12

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The Parmak Solar-Pak 12 solar-powered electric fence charger will operate 14 days without sunlight. This fence charger is weatherproof, portable and rustproof for easy outdoor installation. Read More

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Parmak Solar-Pak 12

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Parmak's Solar-Pak 12 is a solar-powered electric fence charger that can operate up to 14 days without sunlight. Ideal for medium and large pastures, the Solar-Pak 12 can be used to fence larger animals such as cattle, hogs, horses, and sheep. Each Solar-Pak 12 is low impedance and has a range of 30 miles.

Designed to last, each unit is weatherproof and rustproof. Additionally, each charger comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty (which covers damage caused by lightning) while the 12-volt battery is warranted for one year. Parmak's exclusive performance meter tells the exact condition of the fence at all times, helping to eliminate some of the guesswork that comes along with electric fencing.UL Listed.

This self-sustaining charger combines power line convenience with a battery fencer. The sun's energy charges the fencer throughout the day, while a sealed 12-volt rechargeable battery (included with purchase) powers the fencer at night. Parmak's new and improved solar panel uses free energy from the sun, providing maximum shock while virtually eliminating operating costs!

Solar-Pak 12 Key Features:

  • solar powered
  • built-in performance meter
  • operates 14 days without sunlight
  • weatherproof, portable, rustproof
  • charges up to 30 miles of fence
  • 100% American made
Warranty3 years
Range30 miles
Joules Low1.1
Joules High3.1+
Power Source12V Solar/Battery
Fence Voltage - Open Circuit13,500
Fence Voltage - 500 ohm6,100
Fence Voltage - 100 ohm3,100

Note: For proper grounding of ALL Parmak fences, it is recommended that you use three (3) 8' copper ground rods at 10' intervals.


  • Brand: Parmak
  • Type: Solar
  • Joules: 3.1 Joules
  • Volt: 12 Volt
  • Mile Coverage: Up to 30 Miles

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Absolutely Awsome"

    I have 4, of these 2 Large and 2 small from sometime before 2005. Only one has needed repair. The big one Bit my 17 year old stallion when he was a yearling. He wouldn’t even step over a line on the ground with mares on the other side. Batteries last at least two years and maybe more. These were the first I ever bought and I don’t expect to ever need another. Jeffers may still have a repairman available too.

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Parmak Solar Fence Charger"

    This is the most amazing product - down here in Puerto Rico everyone uses barbed wire to keep their animals contained, since moving here I've been able to introduce this product along with the electric wire as an alternative to field fencing for my horses, people are amazed. With this charger I have no problems keeping my horses contained and safe along with keeping unwanted quests out. This single unit has really met every expectation I could ever have, so I purchase another one for my West fields. What can I say but Thank you!!!

  3. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Wow yowser😱😱"

    I have own mine for 10 years. Put it in Storage two years ago. Today I pulled it out. Turned it on and it worked. Who could ask for anything more. Highly recommended

  4. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Great fence charger"

    Love this fence charger. It was easy to hook up and works great. I had to return the first one because of a malfunction and the customer service was exceptional to deal with. I was so impressed with the entire process. Would buy again and have recommended same fence charger to others.

  5. 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I can have as many as two trees down on the Smaller version and I know I still have a few days before I run out of power. Right now on this unit I just realized that 6 months or more ago I needed to set the lowest line on a new insulator its been touching the ground lightly for months! I have been keeping horses for about 30 years. This is the first and last solar chargers I have ever bought. But I do check them regularly. This one bites too, I had one horse fall to the ground in surprise of his first contact. My horses do not test these lines. I separate Stallions and mares with a barbed wire fence and one elec line on top, Not a single injury in 7 years. In wake of Hurricanes you sometimes end up pushing things to the limit.

  6. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Best made charger"

    This is the best-made fence charger of the five or six different kinds I have used over the last twenty years. They don't wear out, even after years of being out on the fence constantly, and they provide a strong jolt even when touching weeds and grass.It's the only brand I will buy now.

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