OptaGest, 100 Grams

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OptaGest, 100 Grams

OptaGest prebiotic and enzyme blend soothes digestive upsets and promotes overall wellness in dogs and cats. 100 grams. Read More

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OptaGest® Digestive Supplement, 100 Grams

OptaGest® prebiotic and enzyme blend gently soothes digestive upsets and promotes enhanced nutrient uptake for overall wellness in dogs and cats. Simply add to every meal for optimal results.

Prebiotics vs. probiotics
Probiotics are living, beneficial bacteria that will be at its highest level when the animal is healthy. Every pet has a unique, preferred strain of these beneficial bacteria.The probiotics found in supplements are most likely not your pet's preferred strain, and many die before they can be used by the body.OptaGest's clinically tested levels of organic prebiotics act as an ideal food source for your pet's native bacterial strain. This targeted feeding quickly promotes a natural, healthy balance of intestinal flora.

Key Benefits of OptaGest®:

  • grain free
  • no sugar
  • no lactose
  • no flavors or preservatives
  • virtually taste-free, appeasing discerning palates
  • made in the USA

Suggested Use:

  • ¼ tsp. per cup of food
  • double amount for mature pets


  • Brand: In Clover
  • Type: Digestive
  • Form: Powder

Reviews (6)

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    ""Logo and his ""toots""""

    I recently adopted a 76 pound Lab pup. Aside from being an Olympic grade chewer, Logo had serious flatulence issues. I did some research and all In Clover products have really good reviews so I decided to try their digestive supplement, OptaGest, and I?ÇÖm so glad I did!!! Logo has now been taking OptaGest for three weeks and there is a very noticeable improvement. The farting is almost entirely gone and his feces is smaller, more firm, and less smelly. This is the ONLY stuff that has helped - thank you!

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Healthy Digestion"

    My puppy had diarrhea on a daily basis. It was obvious she had a stomach ache the way she paced around. After using OptaGest, within a couple days she was having normal bowels and no tummy ache. OptaGest is a great product!

  3. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "A must have for dogs"

    Love this product?Ǫ.great for older dogs, dogs eating kibble, or dogs recovering from injury/surgery. I?ÇÖm a K-9 massage provider working in the rehabilitation field?Ǫ.I like OptaGest because it is a simple one with no added animal products (some enzymes have lactose). My 13 year old English Setter with IBD has responded very nicely to this product. I also use this for dogs recovering from surgery to help with digestion/tummy upset.

  4. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "a peppy Buddy!"

    My 10-year old Bichon mix is in the healthiest phase of his life that I?ÇÖve ever seen since beginning him on OptaGest (and Connectin too)! I discovered both of these products after seeing my friend?ÇÖs 13-year old Bichon looking so healthy and active and being told that she ordered her products through Jeffers. The change in Buddy was almost immediate! He wasn?ÇÖt having any particular problems, but now his coat shines and he has a happier skip in his step, all since starting on OptaGest and Connectin. Now, I tell everybody about them when they compliment Buddy on how handsome he?ÇÖs looking at 10 years old!

  5. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Makes Senior Cats Feel Like Kittens"

    "I have 3 Senior cats. I orginally began purchasing OptaGest for my eldest cat, who will be 16 this year. She is very spunky, but began have runny stools. Since giving her this product with her wet food in the morning, her stools are more sold and she is even more spunky than before (she acts like a kitten!) Now that my 2 boys are in their senior years, I decided to do the same for them (their stools have started to become stinky). They are all more active and spunky as well...all of their coats have become more shiny! I have three seniors who act like they are either kittens or in their earlier adult years!! They LOVE how it creates a ""gravy"" in their wet food and just gobble it all up - they used to leave a lot left over! Thank you SO much for such a fantastic product that works!! Just when I thought I was out of options!"

  6. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Changed my life!"

    OptaGest changed my life forever! Seldom do I run across a pet supplement that really works, even rarer that I can get my mighty German Shepard, Max, to like it. OptaGest does both. Max loves the slightly sweet taste and the effect on his system is nothing short of miraculous! Like most German Shepards, Max has always had a sensitive tummy. Changing his food produced catastrophic consequences: runny poo and a smell that would take paint off a bulldozer. Giving him a bite of your dinner was a death sentence for everyone. This made picking a quality dog food very difficult because I never really knew what was causing the problem. I was never sure if his constant shedding, gas (!), lose bowel movements, and lack of shine were nutritional or genetic. Enter OptaGest. After a few days use, Max was a new doggie! The cat and I no longer had to wear gas masks, Max's stools were at last normal, his coat started to thicken up and now he shines as if he were just waxed! He is such a happy doggie now too since he no longer fears going to the bathroom. His energy is way up as are his spirits. It makes me very proud to see him finally doing so well. It is great to be getting ALL of the benefits of his premium foods. No other supplement I tried even came close to the rapid, certain benefit of your OptaGest. Thank you so much, from Max, me and the cat!

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