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NoBowl Cat Feeding System

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NoBowl Cat Feeding System allows your cat(s) to fulfill their natural hunting instincts and be rewarded with a healthy meal each time! Play, treat, and eat all in one! Read More

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NoBowl Cat Feeding System

NoBowl Cat Feeding System, created by Veterinarian Dr. Liz Bales, allows your cat(s) to fulfill their natural hunting instincts to help eliminate frustrations and inactivity of indoor cats and be rewarded with a healthy meal! Your cats will hunt, play, eat and then rest until hungry again.

The portion filler is designed to help easily split the kibble between the 5 Naked NoBowls. The soft NoBowl Skins simulate prey, so cats love to pick it up and play with it. The NoBowl Mice are designed to move and roll like a mouse or bird.

Naked NoBowls are made of food safe plastic and are machine washable. NoBowl Skins are machine washable but should be air dried. Warning: NoBowl is constructed to be safe and durable; However, should any piece show signs of tear, please discard, as it could present a health hazard.

NoBowl Cat Feeding System Includes:

  • 1 NoBowl Trainer - with multiple dispensing holes
  • 5 Naked NoBowls - each with 2 dispensing holes
  • 5 NoBowls Skins - to simulate the feel of prey
  • 1 NoBowl Portion Filler

Benefits of The NoBowl Feeding System:

Sleep through the night.

Does your cat wake you up at night? Save two of the five NoBowls each day & hide them before you go to sleep to keep your cat busy while you rest.

Stop the scarf and barf.

Since a cat's stomach is about the size of a ping pong ball, it is easy to overfeed, leading to vomitting. NoBowls gradually release a healthy portion* keeping you and kitty happy.

Stop unexplained urination outside the litter box.

If your vet says your cat is healthy, but still pees outside the litter box, your cat could be suffering from a lack of hunting! NoBowls helps fulfill this hunting instinct for indoor cats.

Prevent bad behavior.

Cats can become destructive when they can't hunt & redirect the hunting instinct into bad cat behavior such as clawing drapes & furniture.

Decrease problems in multi-cat household.

Sharing a feeding area can causes stress, anxiety & even fights between your cats so make all of your cats happy by providing 1 complete NoBowl Feeding System kit per cat. Therefore each of your cats can fulfill its natural hunting instincts & eat 5 healthy, small portions a day.*

Encourage more cat exercise.

Your cat will be happily hunting for her NoBowl & not realizing that he/she is getting her daily exercise!

Maintain healthy weight.

The NoBowl Feeding System is portion controlled which can help obese cats lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Cats that have a healthy body weight live longer, healthier lives and reduces its risks of diabetes, heart disease and painful arthritis.*

*Be sure to talk to your veterinarian about the appropriate total daily portion for your cat.


  • Brand: NoBowl
  • Type: Feeding Kit

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