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Equiopathics Musculo-Skeletal fast-acting liquid formula helps heal tendon injuries, splints, founder, navicular, stiffness, and arthritic conditions. Read More

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Equiopathics Musculo-Skeletal

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Tendon injuries, splints, founder, navicular, stiffness, and arthritic conditions respond fabulously to this fast-acting liquid formula. Designed to stimulate the body's own natural healing for a faster, more satisfying result.

Does not test positive.

Dosing and Maintenance of Musculo-Skeletal:

  • 2 mL 3 times daily directly into mouth or on daily feed or in drinking water
  • Reduce dosage as condition improves
  • Eliminate dose after improvement is maintained for 3 days
  • Repeat if condition reappears
  • No known side effects

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  • Brand: Equiopathics
  • Size: 120 mL
  • Day Supply: (30 Day Supply)

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