Lucky Star Grooming Kit

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Lucky Star Grooming Kit

9 Piece Grooming Kit Includes:• Tote• Flick Brush• Dandy Brush• Body Brush• Face Brush• Hoof Pick• Mane Comb• Mane & Tail Brush• Sweat Scraper Read More

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Lucky Star Grooming Kit

9 Piece Grooming Kit Includes:
• Tote
Flick Brush
• Dandy Brush
•Body Brush
Face Brush
• Hoof Pick
• Mane Comb
• Mane & Tail Brush
• Sweat Scraper


  • Includes: (1) Tote,(1) Flick Brush,(1) Dandy Brush,(1) Body Brush,(1) Face Brush,(1) Hoof Pick,(1) Mane Comb,(1) Mane & Tail Comb,(1) Sweat Scraper
  • Color: Melon,Blackberry,Lime

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Great Grooming Bag! "

    I love these bags. We have 2 and I plan to buy one more. I have a grooming bag for each of my Mini horses. I love the drawstring no loosing tack while I am working. I have dogs that like to take brushes and other tack and tools while I work this is not a worry now. I hang the bag up on the fence and my grooming tools are all at hand. These bags are well made and are holding up very well. Thumbs up for a great product. Thanks.

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Awesome "

    I love it, beautiful, sturdy, and worth the price. Fast delivery, received within if not sooner than 2 days. Thanks for great service. I will be a returning customer.

  3. 4.0 out of 5 stars


    I didn't get this whole kit, but I have 6 out of the 9 things. I got the tote from Jeffers for Christmas, it's really nice. Because of where I store it I keep all the stuff inside, but in another place, the outside pockets would be really nice, & they stay in nicely when I have used them. (Also, right when I opened it, I noticed one of the seams had ripped open, we told Jeffers about it and they sent a new one that day.) I can't remember if I have the flick or dandy brush. But I don't mind the one I have, but I would sometimes prefer a dandy brush that is denser. The body brush is my favorite, it works really well. I have no issues with this brush at all. The hoof pick works fine, but it is not very comfortable to use. I bought a (different) second hoof pick later and use that one all the time. The mane comb works. It's got a nice feel in your hand. But feels kind of weak. So far I have used it for almost 2 years and it's still not broken. The sweat scraper is nice. I really like this product. It works really well. At camp I had people often asking to use it.

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