K9 Hard Dog™

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K9 Hard Dog™

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K9 Hard Dog protects lean muscle while burning fat to provide energy which results in a hard, lean body. Read More

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K9 Hard Dog

The key to performance is protecting lean muscle, while burning fat resulting in a hard, lean body. K9 Hard Dog is designed to be easily digestible. 

Key Points of K9 Hard Dog™:

  • No added carbs. Dogs get hidden carbs from commercial dog food, even grain-free
  • 100% American proteins
  • low residue
  • ZERO sugar or lactose
  • coconut oil and antioxidant support

Multiple protein blend ideal for hard working K9's including cooked chicken, cooked pork, milk protein, egg whites, whey and egg white hydrolysates.

Cut the fat, keep the muscle!

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  • Type: Muscle Building
  • Form: Powder
  • Brand: K9 Power
  • Ingredients: Cooked Chicken, Total Milk Protein, Creatine, Whole Egg, L-Leucine, Lutein, Coconut Oil

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  1. 4.0 out of 5 stars

    "It works"

    My dog picked up 15 pounds in less than a month at 6 months old

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