Jungle Talk Goofy Links, Large

Item #LPJE


Jungle Talk Goofy Links, Large

Bright-colored, plastic, goofy-shaped links that birds can play with linked together or disconnected as a "foot-held" toy. Great for strength building, motor development, and flexibility. Read More

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Ecotrition Play Exercise Toy - Goofy Links, Large

Bright cheery-colored, plastic, goofy-shaped links. Birds can play with them linked together or disconnected for individual "foot-held" toys. Exercise is not just for fun for birds. It is a necessity in captivity.


  • strength building
  • motor skill development
  • flexibility


  • weight gain
  • sluggishness
  • stiffness


  • climbing
  • agility
  • stretching

Overall length: approximately 12".

Colors may vary.


  • Brand: United Pet Group
  • Type: Toy
  • Size: Large

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