Jeffers Solaris Draft Turnout Sheet, 1200d, Sapphire w/Gray Trim




Jeffers Solaris Draft Turnout Sheet, 1200d, Sapphire w/Gray Trim

Jeffers Solaris Draft Turnout Sheet is a 1200 denier turnout sheet that is waterproof & breathable. Equipped with adjustable front clip & dee closure for easy on/off. Sapphire w/Gray Trim Read More


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Jeffers Solaris Draft Turnout Sheet, 1200d, Sapphire w/Gray Trim

This sheet is made to the same specifications as the Solaris Turnout Sheet, only made to fit our more "Drafty" friends.

Solaris Draft Horse Sheet Key Features:

  • waterproof & breathable
  • adjustable front clip
  • dee closure
  • easy on/off
  • generous shoulder gusset
  • tail flap for maximum freedom of movement
  • neckline sits right above the wither
  • provides more comfort to your horse
  • features detachable criss/cross bellybands
  • hind leg straps
The Solaris Draft does not have neck rug attachments.


  • Brand: Jeffers
  • Type: Turnout Sheet
  • Color: Sapphire with Gray Trim
  • Size: 99", 102"
  • Denier: 1200

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Best Draft Turnout!"

    Fits my 2300 lb Percheron better than anything! The neck comes up above the wither so that rain can't get in, quick clips on the front for maximum adjustability make on-and-off quick, and enough drop to really cover the belly! Plus the straps open and close on both sides, which is the best thing ever. It is hard enough to work with a huge blanket and a really tall horse- this sheet's features make it easier and the fit means my horse is really protected and dry (I live in upstate NY where there is lots of cold wind and very long cold wet weather in spring. Everybody hates cold windy rain!). Plus, his stable buddies use hi as a windbreak so the whole herd stays dry!

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