Jeffers Black Coat Shampoo

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Jeffers Black Coat Shampoo

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Jeffers Black Coat Horse Shampoo is specifically formulated to intensify and enhance black and bay coats. Contains aloe and Vitamin E in a coconut oil base. Read More

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Jeffers Black Coat Shampoo

Specifically formulated to intensify and enhance black and bay coats. Contains special optical brighteners, aloe and Vitamin E in a gentle coconut oil based shampoo. 

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  • Brand: Jeffers
  • Type: Black Enhancing Shampoo
  • Size: 16 oz,32 oz,Gallon

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Great contrast for Bays! (Legs/Mane/Tail)"

    Buy both (Bold Glistening/Black Coat) for bays! have a lighter/redish bay. She's bleached out from the sun and it's made her coat very dull and yellow-y so I thought I would try these shampoos. ( I purchased the Black shampoo for her legs/mane/tail.) The gold glistening shampoo really brought out her color and added so much shine and highlight to her coat. Where as the Black Coat really enriched her color and gave her such a great contrast of her legs, mane and tail. It is super gentle and I've even used it on her face. I use it a few times a week super diluted since she's been so sweaty and it doesn't seem to strip all her natural oils. This show season I've gotten so many compliments on how great she looks - from judges, other riders and even the trainer I purchase her from said she really stood out in the show ring.

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Love it"

    My show donkeys are black and when I use this shampoo it intensifies the black adds and add extra shine to their coat. I was initially afraid it would make their white underbelly gray but it remain snowy white.

  3. 4.0 out of 5 stars

    "like it, don't love it"

    I just used this on my Bay horse. He looked the same after, but honestly I wasn't expecting him to be magically darker. I like the smell of this stuff. It didn't suds up as much as some soaps. After washing his black mane and tail with this they looked AMAZING!(as in they looked blacker, and when I braided his main it looked sharper than usual, plus when I brushed out his tail this stuff made it look fuller), but next day I after washing it looks like his mane has now attracted a lot more dirt than usual. For a show I would use this on his mane and tail, but I would not use this regularly(since it attracts too much dirt next day on mane only, body was fine). On his body it did as good of job as any and made him a little softer than normal. Personally I'm still going to stick with Head and Shoulders Classic 2in1, cuz it does a great job of getting my horse clean and staying clean for longer.

  4. 4.0 out of 5 stars

    "True to form!"

    This shampoo is great. I spent a long time looking at different shampoos and was unsure of what to get. I really like the fact that Jeffers has a black coat shampoo has I had difficulty tracking something like this down. They offer it at such a great price and in a large bottle. I purchase the gallon one and it lasts me a long time. I pour it into a bucket and dilute it with water. Then I wash my horse just like I would a car (lol) and it works great. She?ÇÖs all black with the exception of a star on her forehead and this keeps her color brilliant! I will definitely be purchasing this shampoo repeatedly for my horse. She has no reaction to the ingredients and that is a plus. It gets her coat really clean not to mention it lathers up well. I honestly can?ÇÖt compare it to all other shampoos, but for what you get and cost, I don?ÇÖt think you can beat this!

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