IVOMEC Sheep Drench

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IVOMEC Sheep Drench

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IVOMEC Drench is a liquid dewormer containing 0.08% Ivermectin, formulated specifically for sheep to provide a broader spectrum of efficacy than other sheep parasite control product. Read More

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IVOMEC Sheep Drench

A liquid dewormer containing Ivermectin 0.08%. It's convenient and has a wide therapeutic index which makes this drench an exceptionally valuable product for parasite control in sheep.

IVOMEC Sheep Drench, which is formulated specifically for sheep, provides a broader spectrum of efficacy than any other sheep parasite control products.

  • kills 122 adult and immature stages of gastrointestinal roundworms
  • kills all larval stages of nasal bots
  • kills adults and immature lungworms

Administered orally to sheep only. Administer with standard drenching equipment.

Dosage: 3 mL containing 2400 mcg ivermectin treats 26 lb body weight. 11 day slaughter withdrawal.

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  • Brand : Merial
  • Type: Drench
  • Ingredient: Ivermectin
  • Size: 1000 mL (1 Liter),5000 mL (5 L)

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