HomeoPet Digestive Upsets, 15 mL

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HomeoPet Digestive Upsets, 15 mL

HomeoPet® Digestive Upsets gently promotes healing by cleansing the system, eliminating bad breath and repeated gas. Vomiting and diarrhea are also quickly relieved. Read More

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HomeoPet® Digestive Upsets,15 mL

For dogs, cats, birds and small mammals. Digestive Upsets is a fast-acting natural homeopathic remedy that provides relief from minor digestive problems such as vomiting, diarrhea, repeated gas, constipation and loss of appetite, bad breath and cats that throw up 20 minutes after eating. 100% Natural, purified to gently promote healing by cleansing the system.

Dose remedy directly into the mouth, in water or at meal/snack time.


  • Brand: Homeopet
  • Condition: Gas,Diarrhea,Constipation
  • Size: 15 mL

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "HomeoPetDigestive Upsets"

    I have been using this for years for my furry friends and it works wonderfully.

  2. 3.0 out of 5 stars

    "it worked okay"

    I originally bought this item for my cat who would throw up EVERY DAY because she would eat too fast (she was a pound cat and had been mistreated, hoarding her food and eating it too quickly). She was throwing up every day and without any other indications of illness, we decided to try digestive upsets. It helped a little bit (maybe decreased vomiting to about ??) but our cat still threw up. So I started using it on my dogs when I gave them special treats (rawhides, gravy) to prevent the gas that followed. This helped immensely with the dogs gas (especially since we let them sleep in the bed with us) and preventing the ?Ç£ewww?Ç¥ while letting them enjoy their special meals. Consider it as BEANO for dogs. It also helped us when our dogs got diarrhea (from what, we?ÇÖre not sure) but after a quick dose of the digestive upsets, the diarrhea faded and they were back to normal in no time.

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