First Arrival with Encrypt

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First Arrival with Encrypt

First Arrival with Encrypt is formulated to bolster newborn calves developing immune system during the first 14 days of life with all natural ingredients. Read More

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First Arrival with Encrypt

Supplement for Dairy & Beef Calves and Cattle of All Ages.

Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms.

Healthy calves create a more profitable herd! Make First Arrival w/Encrypt a core part of your digestive health support program for your calves during the critical early growth period.

The innovative formula is designed to help support proper digestion, normal intestinal health, and healthy immune function.

Encrypt is our unique fiber source with absorptive capabilities and releases organic acids to support a healthy gut. It contains egg and whey proteins, yucca schidigera, psyllium seed husk, vitamins A, D, and E. It also contains essential oils (flavoring). Our probiotics are micro-encapsulated for stability in the container and protect during transit to the small intestine.

It does not contain any animal slaughter by-products, such as bone charcoal, which are banned for use in organic, natural and grass-fed production.

Organic producers: Always confirm with your certifier that First Arrival w/Encrypt is approved for use in your operation.

It will not interfere with vaccination protocols nor antibiotic regimens. Requires no meat withhold.


  • Brand: DBC Ag Products
  • Size: 8000 grams

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