Stanfield Farrowing Heat Pads

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Stanfield Farrowing Heat Pads

Stanfield Farrowing Heat Pads by Osborne Industries are designed to promote healthy growth, reduce stress and provide the optimal environment for growing pigs. Read More

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Stanfield Farrowing Heat Pads

Osborne's Stanfield Farrowing Heat Pads distribute heat evenly to provide piglets with a safe, reliable lying area 30-35°F above air temperature. This creates a 90-100°F resting surface in a cool building that's just right for young pigs.

Stanfield Farrowing Heat Pad Key Features:

  • tough surface made of engineered fiberglass reinforced composite material
  • heat pads are 100% water-tight and flame-retardant
  • plastic composite material is easy to clean
  • treaded surface provides piglets with solid footing
  • draft-barrier cleats pre-drilled holes for tie-downs make installation easy
  • evenly distributed heat keeps piglets away from the sow reducing crush-losses
  • Made in America

Stanfield Farrowing Heat Pad Available Sizes:

  • 1.5 x 2 FT, 95 WATTS, Serves up to 9 pigs
  • 2 x 3 FT, 160 WATTS, Serves up to 18 pigs
  • 2 x 4 FT, 200 WATTS, Serves up to 24 pigs

Bedding is unnecessary and should not be used.

Each pad comes with one 10' long cord.

External heating control to regulate the pad temperature sold separately.

WARNING: Do not cover Heat Pad. Use Heat Pad only in dry environment. Always connect Heat Pad to power supplied through a Ground Fault Interrupter. READ INSTRUCTIONS THOROUGHLY BEFORE USE!


  • Brand: Osborne Industries
  • Type: Farrowing Heat Pad
  • Size: 1.5 x 2 FT,2 x 3 FT,2 x 4 FT
  • Watts: 95,160,200

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Tortoise Heating Pad"

    "This is an excellent heating pad for other animals besides pigs. I use mine for sulcatta tortoises which I have gotten from rescue shelters in New York. They do not hibernate and therefore must have heat when our temperatures get below 50 degrees. I have an enclosure they go into at night and the heating pad is on the floor. They may lay on it for several days inside until the weather breaks and they can get out to graze clover. Once the temp outside is high enough, they are already warm from the pad. I use the power control in order to keep the pad from getting too hot in the enclosure which is only 24"" in height. The dogs and cats also like to go inside the enclosure and lay against the turtles on the pad when the temps get low. The tortoises weigh up to 100 pounds and will push and claw the pad. My last one held up to being outside in weather for over 6 years. "

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